Mike Cuffe
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Mike Cuffe for Montana State
House of Representatives District

Mike enjoyed the opportunity to represent the citizens of Lincoln County in the last legislative session. He introduced and co-sponsored a number of bills and aggressively supported a fiscally conservative agenda throughout the session. He was able to bring additional revenues to support projects in Lincoln County and continues to work on programs to increase jobs, minimize taxation and balance the budget.

But Mike needs your help if he is to continue his work in the legislature. Mike would appreciate any time or financial assistance you could provide to his campaign for a second term in the House of Representative. Please stop him on the street or give him a call. (406) 293-1247.
He always appreciates the opportunity to discuss your ideas and suggestions on the current issues.

Montana Law limits contributions to:
$160 per person for the Primary Election
$160 per person for the General Election
Corporate or Business Checks are Prohibited
Occupation & Employer are required

Please fill out the attached form if you wish to volunteer or make a contribution to Mikes campaign.
Make checks payable to Mike Cuffe Campaign and mail to: P.O. Box 624   Eureka, MT  59917