Mike Cuffe


Mike Cuffe is a native of Lincoln County, Montana. He graduated from Lincoln County High School and earned his degree in Journalism from the University of Montana at Missoula.

While many people in his generation elected to to leave Lincoln County to pursue jobs elsewhere, Mike chose to build his career and raise his family in Northwest Montana.

Mike started his career as a journalist working in the newspaper business in Libby, Montana. It was here that he developed his organizational and communication skills and a desire to get involved in politics on a local level.

These skills eventually enabled him to participate in politics on a national level as a staffer for a Montana Congressman in Washington DC.

Upon his return to Montana, Mike was recruited by the timber industry and achieved top management positions throughout his extensive career in the development of the wood products business in Lincoln County.

Mike returned to his communications background and successfully ran Big Sky Publishing in Eureka, Montana.
Throughout their careers Mike and his wife JoAn have actively supported the communities in Lincoln County by donating their time to local government, civic organizations, trade associations, church activities and community events.